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IFV The French Vine and Wine Institute (IFV) results from the merging of two institutes dedicated to the wine industry: Etablissement National Technique pour l'Amelioration de la Viticulture (ENTAV) and the Institut Technique de la Vigne et du Vin (ITV France). Classified as technical centre under the Code of Research, IFV assumes a mission considered of public interest for the whole viticulture sector in the fields of vegetal selection, viticulture, sustainable wine growing, vinification and marketing of wine products. IFV coordinates several European and International projects aiming at the development of the sustainable viti-viniculture, like LIFE+ BioDiVine. IFV is also coordinating the Leonardo Da Vinci project called E-VitiClimate, for the development of e-learning tools to train professionals to climate change issues.

UAB The Centre Especial de Recerca Planta de Tecnologia dels Aliments (CERPTA) is a laboratory from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with technical skills and professional training. The CERPTA is organized around three technical centres:

  • Two viticulture and oenology stations with their own experimental wineries, in which are led R&D activities, innovation promoting and consulting with producers and winegrower.
  • An oenology and viticulture school, in charge of a graduate training in the winemaking business. The CERPTA is also involved in giving advice to wine producers and winery designers.

AUA The Aschaffenburg University of Applied Science (Hochschule Aschaffenburg) has a Faculty of Economical Sciences and a Faculty of Engineering Sciences with its Renewable Energies and Energy Management programmes. The University works in close collaboration with companies and professional unions at regional and national levels. On the subject of contacts with professional unions, it consists in close professional and personal contacts with the DLG e.V., one of the most important German federations regarding the agri-food industry, agriculture and consumers. This federation committed very early to supporting sustainable development in the food industry.

EIC The Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Changins (EIC) (University of Applied Sciences Changins) is the only training centre of its kind in Switzerland. The school is located in Nyon, near Lausanne and Geneva. It has three schools: in oenology, viticulture and arboriculture.

  • The UAS Changins (graduate school) in oenology: how to become an oenologist (Bachelor UAS in Oenology and in a near future Master UAS in Oenology).
  • The Specialized School: how to become a crops manager or a team manager in wine production businesses and cellars.
  • The Wine School: continuing education in oenology and viticulture, with modular units.

The curriculum includes the design and the fitting out of new wineries, with in particularly a unique 6-day module entirely dedicated to the creation of wineries.

Euroquality Euroquality is a service provider established in 1997 specialized in Innovation and European research projects. Its main activities are innovation consultancy, technology transfer, economical studies and policy evaluation, technological audits and the management of European research and development projects. The development of the BioDiVine communication tools, both internal and external, will depend on Euroquality’s high degree of expertise in developing IT solutions. Euroquality has a great experience and high competencies in project management as it has co-ordinate more than 15 European research projects for which it has developed web portals and IT tools. The last audit realized by the European Commission in February 2009 emphasized its rigorous management capacities.