Ecowinery Ecowinery


The ECOWINERY project is a great success and has reach its objectives. The following results have been achieved:

1. Development of 6 training modules: on this project wesite, an e-learning platform is available with 6 modules, in 4 languages.

2. More than 500 people attending the awareness raising sessions: 4 sessions have been implemented in each participating countries, for a total of about 517 persons. This number can be divided by country:
France: 30
Switzerland: 350
Spain: 100
Germany: 37

3. 474 people trained: each partner has organised several training sessions in order to deal with all the topics of the ECOWINERY training. In total, 474 people have been trained during 24 sessions, divided as follow:
France: 6 sessions gathering 71 people
Switzerland: 7 sessions gathering 127 people
Spain: 5 sessions gathering 165 people
Germany: 6 sessions gathering 111 people

4. More than 2.200 visitors on this public website: the monitoring of the website visitors enables to follow its frequentation. Between 01/02/2013 and 31/12/2014, the exact number of visitors is 2.251. 28% comes from France, 17% from Germany, 10% from Spain, 8% from Switzerland and, then, 37% from countries outside the consortium.

5. More than 70 users on the e-learning platform: on 31/12/2014, 72 users were registered on the e-learning platform. These users can be divided by language:
French: 23
German: 29
Spanish: 18
English: 2

Evaluate or visit the e-learning platform.